CBA Concert Band Regionals – March 1, 2017 – Student Schedule

Legacy High School
Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Band
Fossil Ridge High School, Fort Collins
Wednesday, March 1st, 2017
10:30 AM End of 5th period – Get lunch or bring lunch to eat on the bus
11:00 AM Report to Band Room to Change into Uniform
11:20 AM Load Bus – Don’t forget music and instrument, etc.
11:30 AM Depart for Fossil Ridge High School
12:30 PM Arrive at Fossil Ridge High School – Check In
12:35 PM Unload buses and move to storage area to store instruments
1:00 PM Listen to Skyline High School
1:20 PM Symphonic Winds get instruments and go to warm up
1:30 PM Symphonic Winds Warm Up/Wind Ens. listen to Mountain View HS
1:55 PM Symphonic Winds moves to the stage
2:00 PM Symphonic Winds Performance
2:20 PM Symphonic Winds Move to Clinic Room
2:30 PM Symphonic Winds Clinic/Wind Ensemble listen to Loveland High School
2:50 PM Symphonic Winds puts instruments away
3:00 PM Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Winds listen to Fossil Ridge High School
3:30 PM Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Winds listen to Fairview High School
4:00 PM Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Winds listen to Rocky Mountain HS
4:20 PM Wind Ensemble get instruments and move to warm up room
4:30 PM Wind Ensemble Warm Up/ Symphonic Band listens to Ft. Collins HS
4:50 PM Wind Ensemble moves to the stage
5:00 PM Wind Ensemble Performance
5:20 PM Wind Ensemble move to the clinic room
5:30 PM Wind Ensemble clinic/Symphonic Winds listen to Fairview
5:50 PM Everyone get instruments and load the bus
6:00 PM Depart to return to Legacy
7:00 PM Arrive at Legacy High School
Bus 1 – Wind Ensemble Winds
Bus 2 – Symphonic Woodwinds
Bus 3 – Symphonic Brass and ALL