New Marching Band & Color Guard Members

Welcome to the Legacy High School Band Program.  This is a great starting point for incoming freshmen and students joining the band program.

Music is for everyone.

The information below should be updated for the 2023-24 school year by May 14.

Document Description
Welcome New Students and Families A Welcome Letter from the Band Booster Board
Welcome from the Band Booster Board President A special welcome from the Band Booster Board President
Stay Connected Methods for staying connected within the Legacy Band and Color Guard community
Finance and CHARMS System An introduction to the Band Boosters Financial Program and the CHARMS online system
Apparel and Spirit Wear Detailed information regarding required performance apparel and spirit wear sales
Food Committee and Meal Plan Describes the Marching Season meal plan and Food Committee that keeps our students fed and energized
Introduction to Fundraising Brief description of our fundraising efforts and opportunities
King Soopers Rewards Program How to earn rewards for the band program with every trip to King Soopers
Introduction to RaiseRight Fundraising Brief summary of the RaiseRight Fundraising program
RaiseRight Flyer More detailed flyer of the RaiseRight Fundraising program
RaiseRight Tips & Tricks How to get the most out of the RaiseRight fundraising program