Fundraising is one of the cornerstones of the Legacy Lightning Band Programs, and we need your help!

Below is a general overview of the various ways we raise funds to support Legacy Bands.

King Soopers

King Soopers will give back a percentage of the money you spend to the general band fund. Simply link your King Soopers Loyalty number or Alternative ID to Legacy Band by creating an account at Feel free to invite your friends & family to participate too. The more earnings we accumulate, the higher percentage King Soopers donates. When registering be sure to use our code TD003.

Legacy Marching Festival

Held every fall during marching season, this event needs every parent’s help to make it successful! See the Festival page for more details on how you can volunteer and help.

Corporate Sponsorships

The Legacy Band Program offers a Corporate Sponsorship Program designed to give businesses the opportunity to advertise to thousands of customers as the band travels and performs across the state and at national competitions. If you are interested in participating as a Corporate Sponsor, please contact our Fundraising team by email at

Company Matching Funds

You may be able to designate Legacy Bands as one of your pretax contribution designations where you work. As a non-profit organization, the Legacy Band organization may qualify for company matching programs and most certainly employee contribution program (pre-tax dollars). The program we are familiar with is processed through the United Way program. The United Way program makes contributions on your behalf quarterly, is our understanding. If this is something you are interested in or would like more information, please contact your company’s benefits or Human Resources department to determine whether you have the ability to designate Legacy Bands as a donation/contribution source or can work it through the current United Way program offered at your organization. Your benefits department would be able to determine whether you have the ability to make a single contribution or make payroll deductions to the United way or a similar source and make the band designation. We appreciate any support you can give the band in the future.


Purchase a decal to stick on the window of your car and show your support for Legacy Band! We order them twice a year after taking orders at the mandatory parent/student band meetings.


Purchase spirit wear apparel to wear in support for the Legacy Band! Orders are taken twice a year at the mandatory parent/student meetings.

Miscellaneous Fundraisers

In the summer months, you can sell Palisade peaches. In the fall, students sell butter braids, holiday wreaths and more.  See the announcement section for the latest fundraisers and news.

Thank you for your continued support of the Legacy Lightning Band Programs!